International Conference on Aluminum Industry Technology and Development 2021 Held in NEU

作者: 编辑:Lei Chang, Yuhui Wang来源:NEU更新日期:2021-10-27浏览次数:10

During October 15-17, the International Conference on Aluminum Industry Technology and Development 2021 sponsored by NFSOC and NEU was held in the NEU International Hotel. Jia Mingxing, vice-chairman and secretary-general of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association and president of NFSOC, Tang Lixin, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and vice-president of NEU, and He Minghong, former deputy director of National Natural Science Foundation of China, were present at the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Zhang Chengzhong, former vice-president of Aluminum Corporation of China, Wu Jianqiang, chairman of China Aluminum International Engineering Co., Ltd., and Jiang Tao, vice-president of Aluminum Corporation of China, attended the opening ceremony.

The conference was held online and offline. More than 150 experts, scholars and technical personnel from the University of Auckland, Siberia Federal University, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Slovak Academy of Sciences, New Zealand’s Enpot, Aluminum Corporation of China, Shandong Hongqiao, Central South University, University of Science and Technology Beijing and other universities and enterprises at home and abroad attended this great event of the aluminum industry. The conference was divided into two parallel sessions: aluminum electrolysis and alumina. A total 44 reports were made at the conference, including conference reports, invited reports and general reports, and more than 40 papers and abstracts were collected. Covering alumina, electrolytic aluminum, aluminum processing, molten salt electrochemistry and technology and other related basic theories and application research, the conference reflects the latest technology development of the aluminum industry. The successful convening of the conference is of great significance to the expansion of the international influence of NEU in the field of aluminum metallurgy and plays a positive role in promoting the development of metallurgical engineering.

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